Friday, November 19, 2010

Time Out

So my sweet little girl has been a whirlwind of activity today. I wake up to her dumping her potty seat deposit into the toilet bank. (So a Big yea to her using the potty independently.) Then she decides she must dress herself, which means a strange amalgamation of shirts and diapers, but no pants or skirts.

Her birthday is in January, but the twos have begun. Along with all of the exciting milestones there are incredible frustrations (on her part and mine.) Hopefully I will get through this with my sanity intact.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New name

I renamed my blog. Mainly because it has been used, and thus was difficult for me to Google it and find it. We'll see. It seems appropriate for now.


Halloween at our house. My son is not only dressed as Spiderman, but actually believes he is Spiderman.
My girly girl was an adorable little duck, and got several ooohs and aaahs for her costume.
Lots of candy for all, (mainly Mom and Dad who eat most of it when kids aren't watching), and a great time dressing up.

What is that?

You may look at this picture and wonder... What is that? It is Nick's insurance card inside of our toaster. We don't know how long it has been there, but the heat has made it curl at the edges. I had to do quite a bit to get it out of there. It involved a phillips head screw driver, tweezers, and a pocket knife.

What Happened to My Mascara?

Sometimes I ask myself, "When can I have my life back." When will I be able to put on my clothes without kids walking in to gaze at my unclothed body. When will I be able to wear something without a two year old wiping her nose on it. When will I be able to know that my make up is safe when I put it away in it's case four feet from the floor.

This is the point when the experienced mothers snicker and think to them selves. "Silly girl, what did you think would happen when you had kids."

Well my beloved, princess decided to put on some mascara just like Mommy. Yes, my dear, this is very similar to what mommy looks like with mascara on. INTO THE BATH SHE GOES!