Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whatever You Do Don't Sneeze

As a mother you take some things for granted. The occasional horrendous stain on your shirt from Lord knows what. The pile of dishes that can reach the ceiling. Leaving laundry in a basket for over a week. But I never anticipated throwing my back out.

The first time I did it I knew why. Picked up the baby at a bad angle and strained my back. It was the second time that threw me for a loop.

I am walking into my local video store with Andrea on my hip. I enter the store and sneeze...
I feel a snap in my lower back and pain shoots through my spinal cord. I put Andrea down and lower myself to my hands and knees. I manage to get into as sitting position as my children run amok among the aisles. I pull myself together and hobble out of the store, despite very serious considerations of having the staff call an ambulance.

I barely made it home, and had to take some pretty serious meds to get back to normal.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Offspring (An Introduction)

Here are my children. When I was younger in school I thought that I was uncool. I hung out with friends and participated in school activities that I thought were "uncool". Then I graduated and went to college. I was in several activities and I was a pretty good student. Then I got married and we had friends over and hosted parties. The entire time I considered myself less than popular. But having kids changes everything. Going out to parties, conversation, purchasing clothing all become child-centric. No longer do you drop everything to go out with your friends for dinner. Now you have kids, it definitely ups the ante on your uncoolness.
Now I spend my time watching cartoons and eating peanut butter and jelly. At times you miss wearing clothing you have purchased in the last year and styling your hair. Though I have to say I love being a mom.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Starting a Blog

So I decided to start a blog, mainly because my mother has and this makes her cooler than me. Thus this adds to the list of many ways that I am uncool. So I embrace the it, and acknowledge the aspects of my nature that make me perpetually uncool.
So here it begins, my blog. Don't worry it's not going to be cool.