Friday, March 25, 2011

Andrea's Hair

Andrea's pretty hair...

Andrea let me use a curling iron on her hair to create this feathery look. Finally I can reap the rewards of having a little girl. When I was a little girl I loved playing with dolls and it has been really hard not to play with her too much and let her choose her own clothes. Luckily, right now she is really into PINK! She is just the sweetest little thing.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Andi's Big Day

Andrea got to celebrate her Birthday at her Grandparent's house. There was a big fancy cake, a Birthday Dora doll, one crazed brother/guest, and it began to snow. What more could my tender two year old Princess ask for?


Nick and I got to enjoy a four day vacation to Denver and Winter Park. The kids went on Vacation to see their uncle with Grandma and Grandpa. We got to enjoy adult life without Burger King Playplace. We ate at some great restaurants (pictured is Duffy's Cherry Cricket as featured on Man vs. Food). Nick did some skiing and I did some falling. We enjoyed a wonderful New Years Eve in front of the fireplace in our hotel room. (Thank you very much Hampton Inn.) It was a wonderful much needed break.

Christmas Day

Christmas was a busy day. Andrea opened her present with her mouth. She dropped her pants in the middle of unwrapping her gifts from Santa. Wyatt was making trouble picking on his cousins and got a time out while everyone else opened their gifts and had to open his after everyone was done.

I got the best gift a mommy could ever have... a brand new camera. Maybe I will do a better job of documenting their childhood, (maybe).

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mewy Titi Yiyts (Merry Christmas)

Christmas is a great time to appreciate your family. The kids are right at the perfect age where they open gifts and are excited about what is in the packages. I'll try to post more later on.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Time Out

So my sweet little girl has been a whirlwind of activity today. I wake up to her dumping her potty seat deposit into the toilet bank. (So a Big yea to her using the potty independently.) Then she decides she must dress herself, which means a strange amalgamation of shirts and diapers, but no pants or skirts.

Her birthday is in January, but the twos have begun. Along with all of the exciting milestones there are incredible frustrations (on her part and mine.) Hopefully I will get through this with my sanity intact.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New name

I renamed my blog. Mainly because it has been used, and thus was difficult for me to Google it and find it. We'll see. It seems appropriate for now.